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Edgar López


Edgar López

Edgar López, is a versatile artist from México specializing in sound design, composition, and multimedia production. Collaborating in the creation of original scores for movies and live musicalization of silent films, bringing a unique blend of creativity and technical skill to every project. As an experienced audio editor, Edgar has worked across diverse industries, including advertising agencies, films, NGOs, and YouTube channels. This expertise shines through in his ability to craft immersive soundscapes that captivate audiences and enhance storytelling. He has also made contributions to the film industry as a sound designer participating as foley artist, sound editor, and mixer, collaborating on a range of projects including short films, trailers, and feature films, highlighting the creation of over 10 sample packs (available on by Native Instruments), showcasing Edgar's keen ear for diverse and innovative sounds. His attention to detail and ability to evoke emotions through sound have earned him recognition among filmmakers and audiences alike.

As a personal project, He is the founder and guitarist of the band Spottybulbord, where he aims to blend musical genres and elements of sound design. Additionally, Edgar is proficient in video editing using DaVinci Resolve, seamlessly integrating visuals and audio to create compelling narratives. By leveraging elements like photography, elevating each project to evoke powerful emotions and resonate with viewers.

Explore Edgar López's portfolio to witness a fusion of artistry, innovation, and precision in multimedia production.

Soundtrack Loops Sample Packs

  • Here are some examples of sample packs made by Edgar López available on Soundtrack Loops and

  • These are collections of sounds and musical excerpts that can be used directly by music producers to create their own original works.

  • Descriptions of each sample pack provided by Soundtrack Loops.

  • Click HERE for more.

Kitchen Things (Foley V1)

  • Created in México by producer Edgar López, Kitchen Things is a unique hybrid combo pack of Foley sounds paired with a diverse assortment of drum ‘n’ perc loops inspired by them. The title says it all—it’s kitchen things! Banging pots and pans, timers ticking, spoons, pans and tuna cans, crunches, gulps, burps and slurps… from the organic to the mechanical, electronic, and… well, you get the idea—the sounds of the modern kitchen, fully documented and conveniently labeled for your Foley post-production needs in 60 well-recorded drag ‘n’ drop one shots. After you’re finished in the kitchen, then bring the music! This is where Edgar brings in his beat-writing chops, in two sets (120 and 180 BPM) of rhythm loops, 80 in all, with feels ranging from classic dancehall to weird, Tom Waits-style pop, mini-industrial grooves, hilarious comedy beats and more. The production skills in play here bring to mind the amazing David Van Tieghem—file under ‘serious fun’ with genuine artistry. As for the sonics, everything blends together perfectly on a carefully constructed soundstage that’s wide, deep, and dimensional. It’s refreshing to get Foley effects recorded by a music producer, and this, in addition to being a dedicated Foley and beat loops hybrid collection, is where Kitchen Things stands apart as an awe-inspiring collection of great sounds, beats, and ideas.  Click HERE for more info

Kids – Toys & Play Foleys

  • Right on time, Mexico City-based producer Edgar Lopez delivers Kids: Toys & Play Foleys. We’ll start by stating the obvious: if you create children’s music, you need this. To understand the rest of the story, it helps to know that Edgar is a renaissance man of forms: authentic, deep, and sophisticated music aesthetics that span genres; globe-spanning grooves with amazing feels and variations; production chops that favor super-crisp, very forward, and highly articulated music and sound, and throughout, an incomparable and compelling identity and personality. If you enjoy this unique and refreshing mix of music and Foley, make sure to check out Soundtrack Loops’ complete catalog of Edgar Lopez-produced titles, including Frightening Sounds; Human Body; Industrial Complex; Kitchen Things; Mexico City; Motors, Machines, and Metal Noises; Office; Sports Foleys & SFX and Trash. Merge the 120 mixed beat loops (rendered at 75, 100, and 120 BPM) and 108 one shots included with Toys & Play Foleys into our extensive Edgar Lopez-produced catalog of ingenious assets, and explore a big and brilliant set of absolutely delightful and inspiring music and sound. These titles will propel you into new spaces in pop, hip-hop, and every subgenre of electronic and world music.  Click HERE for more info

Sounds of México City (Foley V6)

  • Soundtrack Loops presents Foley V6 – Sounds of Mexico City Sound Effects & Rhythms. Musician / producer / Foley designer Edgar Lopez is back with his eighth Soundtrack Loops release, Mexico City. While we marvel at Edgar’s blistering production pace, let’s take a look at what we have in this title. Churning through 90, 120, 150 and 180 BPM, and for a total of 202 samples, Edgar takes us on a wild ride that immediately brings to mind the classic glitch music of the early aughts—if you like Mouse on Mars, Matmos, and Uwe Schmidt, and especially if you appreciate their most whimsical work, then Mexico City will certainly bring a smile. The sounds are rich with authentic inner-city vibes—chaos, urgency, impatience, vibrancy, grit, atonalities—and the spirit is strong, as expressed in a vast array of beats: breakbeats, fractured rhythms (again, classic glitch) equatorial street rhythms, stomping beats, and more. The sonic jewels are delivered with the same signature that runs through every Lopez collection in the Soundtrack Loops catalog—bright, crisp, and exquisitely soundstaged. Beyond the beats, the one shots folder lets you peer deeply into the Foley and location recording DNA, where it becomes obvious that Edgar’s perception of the world is one in which every object has a rhythm, every noise is music, every scenario is a song, and there’s an abundance of joy and strangeness everywhere he looks.

  • Click HERE for more info

Frightening Sounds

  • Strange voodoo from Mexico—it’s Frightening Sounds. This is not your typical scary sounds collection—instead of that faux-creepy stuff you might expect to find on a title such as this, here we have something that’s way more surreal. Producer Edgar Lopez knows both Foley craft and the art of music, and this makes all his work stand out as being unique in both arenas. Frightening Sounds is no exception—again, we have the Tom Waits-level weirdness, the slightly twisted, slightly ironic and totally spot-on sense of humor, the groovy equatorial rhythm feels, but this time, Edgar has also built in a vintage automaton-like crankiness that would sound perfectly at home in a Brothers Quay film—again, key word: surrealism. This arthouse vibe is what makes Frightening Sounds stand apart—it refuses to be typecast as gothic horror or dark industrial, and veers toward doing its own thing, which of course will better help you do yours when you need some dark potions dripped into your timeline. Frightening Sounds—80 beat loops at 85 and 120 BPM, and 71 one shots for your toolbox. Dry bones, rusty pipes, owls and rain, unknowable chants, unspeakable secrets—this title is great on its own, and a perfect fit in the growing Soundtrack Loops / Edgar Lopez collection of libraries that merge music creation and Foley sound design in a remarkable and refreshing way.  Click HERE for more info

YouTube Audio Library​

Fully produced tracks available royalty free from the Youtube Audio Library, to be used by anybody in need of quality professionally made music for their videos.

These are some of the songs available in YouTube's audio library that Edgar López has participated in:

El Billete - YouTube Audio Library

Entire - YouTube Audio Library

Xochimilco - Facebook Sound Collection

Sparse Clouds- YouTube Audio Library

Disco Knights- YouTube Audio Library

Holiday Classics - YouTube Audio Library

Post Production Audio 
Films & TV


Original Score and Sound Design by QMA

"Escondidas" is a horror short film directed by Carlos Matienzo. Quincas composed the original score, and the sound design alongside Edgar López. This movie has not yet been released outside the festival circuit.

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